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CovidDystopia UPDATE 12 Yup its a bioweapon

CovidDystopia UPDATES (bonus footage) • 1h 3m

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  • CovidDystopia UPDATE 9 Turns out Mask...

    And don't forget the Danish study that masks don't protect the wearer either. The only randomized controlled trial on the subject. Masks make no statistically significant different to the wearer.

    Now the CDC shows that masks don't slow the spread either. But the media run with the study claiming...

  • CovidDystopia UPDATE 8 Where are all ...

    “Those people are gone. They’ve ceded all authority to those who describe themselves as scientists.”
    “I’m starting to think that we are being divided as a country precisely so that we won’t have conversations like this.”

  • CovidDystopia UPDATE 7, NYT journalis...