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Technocracy, Episode 2 - Deprived by Design: Dark Ages Feudalism Strikes Back

TECHNOCRACY: What Comes Next? • 1h 46m

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    This session was going to be session #9. We believe the coming disruptions are imminent, in the coming weeks and months, so we rushed this forward to episode 3. Stay tuned in episodes 4 through 8 for the bigger picture agenda of the great reset and the technocracy they plan to build on the ashes.

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    A God of love is a God who grants free will. In a high-tech surveillance society and algorithmic control grid, Satan denies both and seeks to undermine both. Continue to Choose ye this day!

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    The Satanic agenda is revealing itself. A counterfeit universe, the degradation of human labor, and the preparatory stages to transition to transhumanism and a post-human world. What to do with the "useless class"? Answer: "drugs and computer games."

    Resist the metaverse. Know Life Eternal. Embr...