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  • TECHNOCRACY: What Comes Next?

    11 videos

    For thousands of years a controversy has raged between Satan and Christ over the authority and character of God. "You will be like God... You will not surely die... I will ascend..."

    Where the God of the Bible is a God of freedom and free will, the adversary seeks the opposite - enslavement of b...

  • America's 11th Hour: 400 Years of Providence and Prophecy!

    7 videos

    These final four programs, combined with the previous 10 programs in 7 Deadly Myths in Christianity, we have a complete course on the most essential Bible truths for these last days.

    But let's start with some fun in studying American History in the first two sessions of America's 11th Hour! The ...

  • CovidDystopia UPDATES (bonus footage)

    44 videos

    Most of these are important clips of information to understand the COVID crisis that emerged between our video releases in April 2020, October 2020, and August 2021

  • CovidDystopia: Freedom's 11th Hour

    37 videos

    For centuries, students of Bible prophecy have foreseen a future of global totalitarian control the likes of which even the most imaginative dystopic fiction authors have failed to envision.

    That future has now become our present. And that fiction has become our reality. Will the urgency of t...

  • 7 Deadly Myths in Christianity

    10 videos

    It has been said that the devil's greatest trick was convincing the world he didn't exist. But as the coming of Jesus approaches, the deceiver's agenda only intensifies. A very real and wily foe is seeking to entrap the masses into his net of deception.

    Satan's deceptions masquerade as light. H...

  • Safe and Effective: The Vax-seen and the Unseen

    23 videos

    Utilize this series of videos (coming from the skeptical viewpoint) as one resource in your attempt to understand the vaccination controversy.

    (Not an original series, but a compilation of insightful videos.)

  • Miscellaneous videos...

    10 videos

  • The Media Mind: Reclaiming the Human Soul in the Digital Dark Age

    6 videos

    As the digital dark age descends upon our 21st century society... What can be done to preserve social life, family unity, thinking abilities, church and spiritual life, mental health, attention span, child development, joy in Christ, interest in the Bible, and individuality?

    Episode 1: How to...

  • Second Beast Rising (Volumes 1, 2, and 3) Complete Series

    22 videos

    Revelation 13 describes a confederacy of evil that seizes upon an unimaginable global crisis to advance the final controversy of earth’s history. That crisis is just about to break upon the world. Do you understand the nature of the conflict? Do you see the signs emerging? Most importantly, d...

  • Planned Eugenocide - presented by Scott Ritsema

    1 video

    This single-session history lesson was presented in the fall of 2019 at a convention dedicated to Conscience and Justice. The mostly African American audience responded with great enthusiasm:
    "Scott, this information was mind blowing..."
    "Young man, I hope you realize this information is DANGER...

  • Awesome CREATIONism Videos!

    1 video

  • Remnant Rising (w/ Scott AND Cami Ritsema)

    3 videos

    The brand new sessions, Grow, Grow, Grow (disc 1) and Together, Together, Together (disc 2), have been called the long-awaited sequel to the popular Raising the Remnant parenting series. These sessions reveal the power of the 'growth mindset' and family togetherness.

  • Bible Prophecy 101 (in 22 sessions), presented by Scott Ritsema

    22 videos

    Is it time to go back and find your first love - a love of the Truth as it is in Jesus, revealed in the prophecies? Jesus on Prophecy is a series presented by many speakers in the state of Michigan in the fall of 2019. Scott presents these evangelistic meetings at Mount Pleasant, Michigan.

  • A Greater Lust

    6 videos

    We live in a pornographic world.

    Day after day, sexually alluring images seize the eyes and assault the male brain at every turn. Presently, 70% of men in the church admit to struggling with pornography in their daily lives.

    Is there any hope for those who feel like slaves to their desires?...

  • Media on the Brain

    6 videos

    We see it all around us. Hollywood, popular music, TV, video gaming, spectator sports, e-relationships, and pornography are saturating the lives of God's professed people. But what does the latest science say about the mind-altering effects of 21st century media? And what is the spiritual agenda ...

  • Raising the Remnant

    5 videos

    Over 75,000 parenting books have been published in the last two decades alone - that's nearly 10 books per day! Indeed, opinions on parenting abound, but are there any solid facts to be found?

    Are there any objective data that identify the kind of parenting most likely to produce spiritually s...

  • Schooled
    2 videos


    2 videos

    SCHOOLED: The deliberate agenda to destroy individuality, reduce intelligence, and re-engineer society

    In two fast-paced, eye-opening sessions, Schooled uncovers the true intentions and designs of American schooling. Hear the clear, honest, and jaw-dropping admissions straight from the mouths...

  • Undoctrinated

    4 videos

    Over 100 years ago the nefarious purposes behind modern schooling methods were openly proclaimed by the founders of public education in America. The goals were simple: indoctrination and social engineering. Satan's plan to ruin the minds of children was underway.

    But today, these worldly schoo...

  • The Classroom of the Remnant

    8 videos


  • Overview Videos

    6 videos

    3 Media on the Brain overview videos
    1 The Media Mind overview video
    1 Raising the Remnant overview video
    1 Schooled/Undoc overview video
    1 A Greater Lust overview video

  • How to Raise the Remnant (Documentary-stye)

    5 videos

    Featuring balanced, Christ-centered, and authoritative voices on the parenting topic!